About Us

Our staff are Sandra Hutchinson, Myrna Hannett and Amy Dennett

Mansfield Electrolysis & Laser Clinic has been at the forefront of hair removal since it was established 35 years ago, primarily offering electrolysis as the only form of permanent hair removal. Even though advances have been made over the last 10-15 years electrolysis is still the only permanent method. All types of hair can be treated and levels of density from small areas such as the upper lip to the entire face and neck or body hair.

The electrolygists and therapists we employ have a combined total of over 100 years working experience, ensuring that old and prospective new clients have the confidence in knowing that we all work with one aim; that is to improve their self-esteem and to know that someone else is dealing with their unwanted hair problem with a professional and sensitive manner.

We welcome transgender clients. In recent years Mansfield Electrolysis & Laser Clinic has performed treatments on a number of transgender clients with great success, combining the use of IPL, (intense pulsed light), and electrolysis. IPL offers excellent results on black hair as it targets the melanin (pigmentation) in the hair but has limited effect on blond or grey and fine vellous hair. This is where the combination of electrolysis and IPL as well as the skill, experience and understanding of the electrolygist work well to ensure a satisfactory result.

Unwanted Hair Need Not Be a Problem

Mansfield Electrolysis & Laser Clinic